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TELI was founded by Jim Satterwhite in 1982 primarily to develop and research portable electronic test equipment for telephone outside plant testing.  Since that time TELI has successfully completed many projects involving product related basic research and development of a number of instruments.

Some of Jim's accomplishments are:

Client/TELI - Developed the Mathematics in Mathcad and C for a miniature strapdown inertial measurement unit employing MEMS accelerometers and gyros.

TELI - Discovered and documented fundamental flaws in the currently entrenched gigabit ethernet magnetics.

Cicada Semiconductor (now Vitesse) - Conceived, proposed and specified gigabit ethernet "Simplified Magnetics" that gave Cicada a competitive edge in the marketplace for Cicada gigabit PHY's.

Cicada Semiconductor - Discovered and documented flaws in the "Bob Smith" termination universally employed in the implementation of Ethernet interfaces to CAT5 cable. Further, the physics of the problem were presented along with a process for determining the appropriate termination value.

Cicada Semiconductor - Developed innovative and competent engineering and customer evaluation boards for the Cicada STS-1, T3, E3 LIU's.

Cicada Semiconductor /TELI - Developed an innovative and competent engineering evaluation system for Cicada gigabit ethernet PHY's.

General Bandwidth/TELI - Developed a sophisticated environmental control unit for the General Bandwidth equipment rack.

Client/TELI - Research and development of digital signature electronic marker locator systems and successful development of a robust field prototype of the digital signature electronic marker locator.

Client/TELI - Research and development of a proprietary differential GPS system and real-time software.

Client/TELI - Research and development on electronic marker locators that resulted in doubling the existing range of marker locators, a 36 dB improvement in signal processing.

Radio Detection/TELI - Conceived and developed the prototype for the Radio Detection telephone cable sheath fault locator.

Communications Technology/TELI - Conceived, proposed and led the development of the CTC 9925 Repair Test Set that successfully competed with and shared the market of the 3M Dynatel 965 test set.

Automation Products Company (now 3M) - developed the communications test set for $88,000 that produced several million dollars in revenue without a hitch.

Bell Labs - Developed the architecture and led the engineering team on the electronic design of the highly successful and universally employed Bell System Mechanized Loop Testing System (MLT).

Bell Labs - Design responsibility on the Sprint/Spartan Missile Guidance Sets.

Bell Labs - Survived 2 1/2 years as a team member in nuclear EMP studies including participation in nuclear test shot.

Holds four US Patents with four pending.

Registered Professional Engineer - North Carolina since 1975

U of Fla - BEE w/ HH, Purdue Univ - MSEE, Bell Labs - Completed Bell Labs Graduate Study Program, U of Tex - Post graduate studies

NARTE Certified EMC Engineer