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Proof of Concept Electronic Development

bulletTELI offers a convenient and cost effective way to prove new concepts in electronic design.
bulletTELI can turn your concepts into robust field testable prototypes.
bulletTELI specializes in taking concepts from the idea stage to working robust electronics.
bulletTELI is also available to solve that nitty-gritty problem for you in electronics.
bulletTELI can supplement your in house design force leaving your people free to support ongoing work.
bulletTELI can rapidly turn your project around. We are not fettered by the constant problems you face in-house with meetings and interruptions (you know what I mean).
bulletTELI can help train your staff in proof of concept and product development. Particularly, with todayís short market windows and tighter and tighter time-to-market requirements, it is difficult for a new design team to come together and meet these challenges without help. Their primary job is to focus on your product concepts.


bulletTELI can help you determine the feasibility of ideas or solve a knotty problem.


bulletTELI can consult with you on various technical matters.  TELI has a great deal of experience related to successful research and product development that can help you gain experience and solve your unique problems.
bulletTELI can help you set up your own electronic development laboratory. Setting up a successful development laboratory is not as simple as it might seem and experience with successful environments can be a big help.

If TELI canít do it for you for whatever reason, as a part of the IEEE Consultants Network of Central Texas and other professional relationships, I am sure that TELI can recommend someone who can.