Electronic Prototyping
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TELI is very proud of the prototyping techniques that have been developed here.   The techniques have been developed over many years of building rugged portable test equipment prototypes primarily for the evaluation of new design concepts in field applications. These techniques have served TELI well. They allow TELI to rapidly construct a rugged breadboard type prototype with a mixture of analog and digital circuits that is flexible, neat, compact, and reliable. The result is a close approximation to a PCB layout in both space requirements and functionality. In most cases prototype boards can be plugged into card cages mixed with PCB's, on the normal or slightly expanded PCB board spacing. The technique uses insulation displacement connections and most all components are socketed. Socketing components allows all components to be readily and easily changed during the design optimization phase.  This allows the prototype to remain plastic, that is moldable in the designers hands, until ready to commit to product.

Many of the projects TELI has completed have involved compact portable battery operated test equipment for use in the field. This has required that units for field evaluation be small, compact, rugged and at the same time be flexible enough to be readily changed.  We at TELI believe this has been achieved with excellence.

The TELI prototyping technique has been a major part of developing superior designs in a short periods of time. This is particularly true of analog/digital systems which are heavily dependent on exacting signal processing.


Prototype and Proof of Concept Models Part 1